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Thermo Scientific Promotions
Save 15% on select Nalgene Consumables
Griffin Low-form Beakers, UnWire Test Tube Racks, Nalgene Bottles with Closures.

Biosynthesis Solvents and Reagents
Honeywell Burdick & Jackson
Capping Reagents, Oxidation Reagents, Deblocking Reagents, Actovator Reagents, and Solvents.

Vendor Promotions and New items at MG
Equipment, Lab Instruments from Eppendorf, BrandTech, and Thermo
A variety of curremt Quarter 2 Promotions and New items from MTC Bio, Dynalon, and Ohaus.

Tools for Vaccine Development and Covid-19 Defense
Lab Equipment from SP, Eppendorf, and Globe Scientific
Sterileware, Carboys, Containers, Pipettors, and more.

Thermo Scientific Quarter 1 Promotions
Up to 30% off Select Equipment and Lab Instruments
Ovens, Rotators, Incubators, Rotators, Orion Electrodes, Benchtop Meters, pH Buffers.