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Benchmark Deal of the Month
Buy a MyFuge™12 Plus Digital Mini Centrifuge, Receive a CoolCube™ Plate Coolor FREE!
MyFuge 12 Plus Digital Mini Centrifuge MyFuge 12 Plus Digital Mini Centrifuge with Combination rotor
The unique rotor design of the new MyFuge 12 Plus eliminates the need to switch rotors (or use a separate centrifuge) when changing between microtubes and PCR strips. The included, COMBI-Rotor allows for simultaneous centrifugation of up to 12 microtubes and/or 4 PCR strips. Digital control up to 7,000 rpm, with Twice the capacity of traditional mini centrifuges, and near silent operation
  Compact Balance

The Benchmark CoolCube is designed to store samples safely on the lab bench without sample degradation due to temperature increase or fluctuation.

Simply place the CoolCube in a freezer overnight. Samples are kept cold, not frozen to maintain temperature, approximately 0°C for up to four hours. The 2-sided design allows for 1.5/2.0mL tubes on both sides with additional space on the flip side for a PCR plate.
for purchases placed through October 1 - November 7, 2023 
MTC Bio Transport Tubes
Great Savings on 5 and 10mL Transport Tubes
MTCBio Slide & Dispenser Transport/Mailing Tubes
Transport tubes, sometimes called mailing tubes, are used in multiple sectors of the laboratory market, including medical, hospital, environmental, independent testing, food testing, and biological research labs. Also suitable for pharmaceutical packaging and applications. Used to store, transport or freeze samples, these tubes come in both 5mL (16 x 60mm) and 10mL (16 x 80mm) and are fitted with leak-proof screw-caps. They are made of high-grade polypropylene, and include white printed graduations and marking area. Tubes are self-standing.
  • Leak-proof screw caps
  • White printed graduations
  • Sterile, RNase, DNase, Pyrogen free bags of 100 tubes
  • White marking spot
  • Self-standing
  • Meet 95kPa transportation guidelines
Buy 2 packs, Get 1 FREE- T109-37, T109-38
Use Promotion Code- B2G1;
offer valid through September 30, 2023 
DWK Genius Edition Bottles
DWK Wheaton CryoELITE promotion Purchase $1000 of DWK Life Sciences products to receive a Limited Edition Duran YOUtility Genius Bottles

Collect all three!
A new 500mL DURAN® YOUTILITY® GENIUS EDITION bottle will be featured each month from September – November 2023 per the following schedule.
  • September 1 – 30, 2023– Nikola Tesla
  • October 1 - 31, 2023– Isaac Newton
  • November 1 – 30, 2023– Marie Curie

Purchase $1000 of any DWK products over the course of a month to receive the limited edition 500mL Duran YOUtility Genius Bottle (pictured to the left). Look through the MG Scientific catalog of DWK products.
DWK DuranDWK WheatonDWK Kimble

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for purchases placed by schedule above 
Dynalon- Special Pricing on Multicans
Dynalon Multican

Take Advantage of Special Pricing Now!

Dynalon Multican

MultiCan Barrier Container
MultiCan Barrier Containers offer a six-layer technology makes this container a perfect fit for oxygen-sensitive contents and for liquids tending to permeate, such as non-polar hydro-carbon compounds. EVOH barrier containers are particularly suitable for flavors and fragrances, but also for alcohols, paints and coatings, additives, as well as solvents and cleaning agents. MultiCans feature an Antistatic outer layer making them dissipative on the outside and suited to be used for flammable liquids of explosion groups IIA and IIB.
  • The characteristics of your products remains stable
  • Produced according to BRC Standard
  • Flexible and inherently stable transport packaging with UN certification
offer valid on purchases made through December 31, 2023 
Eppendorf- Advantage Promotions
Take Advantage with saving Bundles
Research 16- 24- Pipettor
Centrifuge 5430R
Thermal Cyclers Mastercycler X50
The new Mastercycler X50, replacing the Eppendorf Mastercycler Pro line, is the elegant synthesis of speed, flexibility and PCR optimization for research PCR applications and standardization for routine PCR applications such as food testing.

ThermoMixer C
Sample preparation redefined. Improve your assay results by mixing and incubating samples at the same time. The ThermoMixer C convinces with its quick and easy-to-exchange SmartBlocks™ for all common lab vessels, new and improved program functions, and high level of stability for every mixing frequency.

Microcentrifuge 5430R
Centrifuge samples in 50mL conical tubes on your lab bench or spin down PCR plates at your PCR workstation to minimize contamination risks. With a 5430 personal centrifuge, you won’t have to coordinate a time to use your lab’s centrifuge or make a visit to the centrifuge room.

ThermoMixer C

Take Advantage with PCR Plates Savings
LoBINd twuin.tec PCR plates LoBind twin.tec® PCR plates
twin.tec PCR Plates LoBind improve recovery of nucleic acids by reducing their absorption to the tube wall. A combination of special manufacturing technologies and selected polypropylene batches ensures nearly 100% recovery of DNA/RNA molecules-without surface coating to eliminate the risk of sample contamination.

PCR Clean Deepwell Plates
The well geometry enables high-speed pipetting, excellent mixing and high-speed centrifugation to accelerate your manual as well as your automated work processes. Sophisticated colors and coding make reading, orientation and manual handling easier and faster.
 PCR clean Deepwell Plates
for purchases placed July 1 through December 31, 2023 
Heidolph Tuttnauer- Autoclave Overstock Promotion
Autofill SS Bottletop Filtration System

Laboratory Sterilizers/Autoclaves

Safe Benchtop Steam Sterilization
Greater awareness of potential hazards; Ever stringent regulations; Increasing emphasis on "green" facilities and processes. Now more than ever, it's critical to decontaminate your laboratory equipment, materials and biohazardous waste.

Standard Safety Features
  • Heat-insulated, double-locking door protects against accidental burns
  • Automatic low water level shut-off
  • Over-temperature cut-off and over-pressure valve
  • UL- and CSA-approved
offer valid through December 31, 2023 (while supplies last) 
BrandTech®- accu-Jet ®S Pipette Controllers
accu-jet S Pipette Controller Buy any 3 accu-jet® S Pipette Controller, Get an additional Pippette FREE!

accu-jet S Pipette Controllers
These controllers stand alone as a versatile and well-balanced addition to your lab. It makes lab work simple, easy and efficient, whether you use it for cell culture work, reagent preparation, or for general pipetting needs.

Transferpette Handystep Pipettes Buy any 3 Transferpette® S Adjustable Single channel Pipette, Get an additional Pipette FREE!
The Transferpette® S is the product of intensive ergonomic and operational studies, and the application of innovative materials.


Buy any 2 Transferpette® S Multi-channel Pipette, Get an additional Pipette FREE!
It is the perfect manual pipette for demanding laboratory scientists who prefer a traditional control layout.

BrandTech®- Buy 3 Get 1 FREE
Dispensette organic bottletop dispenser  

All BrandTech Dispensette® S Bottletop Dispensers

Dispensette® S Organic Bottletop Dispensers are supplied complete with a valve mounting/calibration tool, telescoping filling tube, discharge tube, a selection of polypropylene thread adapters, SafetyPrime valve (optional), operating manual, one-year warranty, and certificate of performance.

Dispensette® S Analog, Digital, and Fixed Volume Bottletop Dispenser with the “floating piston” design of the Dispensette-S forms a zero-wear sealing system with outstanding sliding properties. Optimized flow channels make dispensing and priming even easier– particularly in instruments with large volumes.

Dispensette® S Trace Analysis is the next generation bottletop dispenser for precise volume dispensing of high-purity media for trace analysis. It is especially suited for dispensing acids, bases and hydrogen peroxide in the volume range from 1 to 10mL.

New Features for Dispensette S Bottletop Dispensers
  • Simple to mount discharge tube available with or without integrated recirculation valve
  • Designed without additional sealing rings for ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Replaceable discharge valve with safety valve
offer valid through December 31, 2023 
Whatman - Benchkote and Benchkote Plus
Benchkote absorbent paper

Ask MG Scientific about a *FREE sample of Benchkote or Benchkote Plus for your lab

Benchkote is an absorbent, impermeable material designed to protect laboratory surfaces against hazardous spills. The material features a highquality, smooth, absorbent Whatman™ paper that quickly absorbs liquid spills and a laminated polyethylene layer that prevents flowthrough to the working surface. After use the sheet is incinerated or disposed of according to local regulations.

Benchkote Bench Protection Papers
  • High-quality, smooth, absorbent Whatman paper
  • Quickly absorbs liquid spills and protects the working surface
  • Benchkote Plus is thicker and more absorbent

*FREE sample of Benchkote (L203-1 or L203-3) or Benchkote Plus (L203-5 or L203-6)

LabStrong - Convert your Cartridge
Labstrong cartridges and accessories

LabStrong Fi-Streem Stills and LabStrong replacement cartridges and cartridge kits for Thermo Scientific Barnstead Water Purification Systems
FREE Captain Drop Stress Toy or Flask Pen with Purchase of Products below

LabStrong Cartridges and Cartridge Kits are comparable to Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ cartridges at a significant savings. Side-by-side testing shows fantastic results for purity and longevity. These LabStrong water purification Cartridges and Kits are used with the Thermo Scientific Barnstead water purification systems.

LabStrong Replacement Parts and Accessories are used with Thermo Scientific Barnstead Water Purification Systems. These include O-rings, Heating elements, Cleaning syringe, Final filter, UV lamps, Diaphragm pump, and more!

LabStrong Fi-Streem Water Purification Stills consistently produce ASTM Type II water. These stills will meet your lab water needs while remaining budget-friendly!

Astral Inoculation System

Buy any case of Astral™ Inoculation System Products (pictured left):
J166-11, J166-12, J166-13, J166-15 and Receive
                25 Non-Sterile Bacti Cell Spreaders (pictured right): J166-1, J166-3


Buy Two or more cases of Astral™ Inoculation System Products (pictured left):
J166-11, J166-12, J166-13, J166-15 and Receive
                25 Sterile Bacti Cell Spreaders (pictured right): J166-1, J166-3

15mL and 50mL Conical Centrifuge Tubes Serological Pipettes
eco friendly conical centrifuge tubes Environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable plastic rack reduces waste in the lab
Reduced contamination risk
  • New plastic rack minimizes risk of contamination and particles
  • Tubes are sterile with a 10-6 SAL

Thermo Scientific Nunc Serological Pipettes are accurate, disposable plastic pipettes, plugged and sterilized. The portfolio of serological pipettes features a full range of size and packaging options—offering the quality assurance and size variability you need to advance your research with complete confidence.


water purification