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Leapyear Frog Plush
Benchmark Hermle Bundles
Bundle Centrifuges and options into Packages- Save money!
Centrifuge Z446   Silva-3

Sieva-3 Filtration Centrifuge with Perferated Rotor Basket is the perfect centrifuge for cake filtration. Advanced microprocessor controls allow for setting/ displaying of the rotational speed in either rpm or rcf.

The Perforated basket uses the filtration method where a solution passes through a filter medium which collects particles.

Advanced microprocessor controls allow for setting/displaying of the rotational speed in either rpm or rcf. In addition to retrieving saved programs, the easy to use front panel can adjust accel/decel rates, and change the end of run alarm tone.

Universal Centrifuge Z446 Tissue Culture Package with Swing-out Rotor
The Z446 universal centrifuge series offers the highest capacity of any benchtop Hermle model. Advanced microprocessor controls allow for instant rotor identification,which automatically converts the rotational speed to the relevant g-force (rcf).
for purchases placed through January 1 - June 30, 2024 
Celltreat VistaLab Cell Culture- Buy 2 cases get 1 FREE case
Reagent Reservoirs
Up to 67% better than comparable reservoirs.
  • Trough-within-a-trough design to recover the “last few drops”
  • Pour-off spouts at every corner
  • Wider base for stability
  • Free of animal products
  • Sterile reservoirs are certified RNase/DNase free and non-pyrogenic
  Multiwell Inserts

Multi-well Plate Inserts
Permeable Cell Culture Inserts mimic in vivo conditions. The inserts are centered in the wells, preventing the membrane from touching the sides and wicking between the insert and its side wall. The membrane remains suspended above well bottom, allowing for co-culture production: to grow one cell line inside an insert, and another below in the well.

valid on purchases made January 8 - March 31, 2024 
Labnet BioPette™ Plus Single-channel Pipettes
Biopette Promotion

BioPette™ Plus Autoclavable Pipettes- Special Pricing
Chemically resistant, maintenance-free seals and finely polished pistons for unsurpassed accuracy.

Exceptional Comfort and Easy Operation
These precision manual pipettes are designed with a finger hook for exceptional comfort and easy single-hand operation. Lightweight and well balanced, the BioPette™ Plus single channel pipettes fit comfortably in either the right or left hand and offer very low plunger forces. Chemically resistant, maintenance-free seals and finely polished pistons provide unsurpassed accuracy sample after sample.
  • Superior accuracy and reproducibility in accordance with EN ISO 8655
  • Continuously adjustable volume selection with Volume Lock
  • Low plunger forces
  • Adjustable and removable stainless steel tip ejector
  • BioPette Plus four pack available
Exceptional Value Starter Kit- P413-9PROMO
Unlike many common liquid handling starter kits, the Biopette™ Plus 4-Pack Starter Kit includes four pipettes covering a wide volume range of 0.5µl to 1000µl (P413-2, P413-3, P413-5, and P413-6). The Biopette™ Plus 4-Pack Starter Kit also includes three racks of Labnet's new BioFree™ Pipette Tips, a six-position carousel stand, and Calibration Tool.
valid on purchases made January 15 - June 30, 2024 
Whatman - Benchkote and Benchkote Plus
Benchkote absorbent paper

Ask MG Scientific about a *FREE sample of Benchkote or Benchkote Plus for your lab

Benchkote is an absorbent, impermeable material designed to protect laboratory surfaces against hazardous spills. The material features a highquality, smooth, absorbent Whatman™ paper that quickly absorbs liquid spills and a laminated polyethylene layer that prevents flowthrough to the working surface. After use the sheet is incinerated or disposed of according to local regulations.

Benchkote Bench Protection Papers
  • High-quality, smooth, absorbent Whatman paper
  • Quickly absorbs liquid spills and protects the working surface
  • Benchkote Plus is thicker and more absorbent

*FREE sample of Benchkote (L203-1 or L203-3) or Benchkote Plus (L203-5 or L203-6)

LabStrong - Convert your Cartridge
Labstrong cartridges and accessories

LabStrong Fi-Streem Stills and LabStrong replacement cartridges and cartridge kits for Thermo Scientific Barnstead Water Purification Systems
FREE Captain Drop Stress Toy or Flask Pen with Purchase of Products below

LabStrong Cartridges and Cartridge Kits are comparable to Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ cartridges at a significant savings. Side-by-side testing shows fantastic results for purity and longevity. These LabStrong water purification Cartridges and Kits are used with the Thermo Scientific Barnstead water purification systems.

LabStrong Replacement Parts and Accessories are used with Thermo Scientific Barnstead Water Purification Systems. These include O-rings, Heating elements, Cleaning syringe, Final filter, UV lamps, Diaphragm pump, and more!

LabStrong Fi-Streem Water Purification Stills consistently produce ASTM Type II water. These stills will meet your lab water needs while remaining budget-friendly!

Astral Inoculation System

Buy any case of Astral™ Inoculation System Products (pictured left):
J166-11, J166-12, J166-13, J166-15 and Receive
                25 Non-Sterile Bacti Cell Spreaders (pictured right): J166-1, J166-3


Buy Two or more cases of Astral™ Inoculation System Products (pictured left):
J166-11, J166-12, J166-13, J166-15 and Receive
                25 Sterile Bacti Cell Spreaders (pictured right): J166-1, J166-3

15mL and 50mL Conical Centrifuge Tubes Serological Pipettes
eco friendly conical centrifuge tubes Environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable plastic rack reduces waste in the lab
Reduced contamination risk
  • New plastic rack minimizes risk of contamination and particles
  • Tubes are sterile with a 10-6 SAL

Thermo Scientific Nunc Serological Pipettes are accurate, disposable plastic pipettes, plugged and sterilized. The portfolio of serological pipettes features a full range of size and packaging options—offering the quality assurance and size variability you need to advance your research with complete confidence.


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