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MTC Bio Microscope Slides and Dispenser
Purchase 5 packs of Slides, Receive a Slide Dispenser FREE
MTCBio Slide & Dispenser

Positive Charge Microscope Slides, 25 x 75mm 
These new slides have a positive charge that makes the surface ideal for cell, tissue and general sample adhesion. Typical samples have a negative charge and are therefore attracted to the positively charged slide surface, significantly reducing “float”.

Slides are made of high clarity glass, 25 x 75mm and are 1.1mm thick (compatible with most printers). Frosted marking surface on one end. Packed 72 pieces per plastic box.
  • Positive charged for cell adhesion
  • Frosted on one end
  • High clarity glass 
  • Choose 90° or 45° cut corners
  • NEW Slide Dispenser fits 72 slides
Limited time offer starting January 18, 2021 
Eppendorf- Advantage Promotions
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Reference 2 Adjustable Pipettors Research Plus Adjustable Volume Pipettors
Eppendorf sets a new standard in pipetting. The ultra light Eppendorf Research® plus pipette meets the highest needs in precision and accuracy- combined with ultimate ergonomics and increased flexibility.
  • PROMO Bundle- Research plus 8-channel 3-pack includes adjustable volume pipettes
Xplorer Plus Electronic Pipettes
With the additional intelligent applications, adjustable fixed-volumes and individual programming tasks are performed much faster and easier. The Xplorer plus also includes a history function that automatically saves the last parameters for faster handling! A password can be entered to guarantee the highest degree of protection for your programming and settings.
  • Intuative operating concept
  • Ergonomic
  • Reliably reproducible results
  • Set Different Pipetting modes
  • Additional features

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Eppendorf Equipment Promotions

Innova 42 & 42R Incubator Shakers
The Innova 42 and 42R (refrigerated) shakers are our most versatile incubator shakers in terms of placement and options. They can be stacked up to two units high and can also be placed on or under a standard height laboratory bench.

Nexus Thermal Cycler
Due to the flexlid concept, the cycler can deal with all types of PCR consumables, from low volume all the way up to 0.5mL PCR tubes. Of course, all common PCR plates fit.

Eppendorf Centrifuges
Centrifuge 5425
  • Focusing on standard applications, it is an essential piece of equipment for modern labs ensuring optimal separation
Centrifuge 5430R
  • Patented, dynamic compressor control for optimized cooling performance, extended compressor life and reduced energy consumption
Centrifuge 5810R
  • Short depth and low weight for a multipurpose centrifuge allows placement on standard laboratory benches
for purchases placed January 1 through June 30, 2021 
Whatman - Benchkote and Benchkote Plus
Benchkote absorbent paper

Ask MG Scientific about a *FREE sample of Benchkote or Benchkote Plus for your lab

Benchkote is an absorbent, impermeable material designed to protect laboratory surfaces against hazardous spills. The material features a highquality, smooth, absorbent Whatman™ paper that quickly absorbs liquid spills and a laminated polyethylene layer that prevents flowthrough to the working surface. After use the sheet is incinerated or disposed of according to local regulations.

Benchkote Bench Protection Papers
  • High-quality, smooth, absorbent Whatman paper
  • Quickly absorbs liquid spills and protects the working surface
  • Benchkote Plus is thicker and more absorbent

*FREE sample of Benchkote (L203-1 or L203-3) or Benchkote Plus (L203-5 or L203-6)

LabStrong - Convert your Cartridge
Labstrong cartridges and accessories

LabStrong Fi-Streem Stills and LabStrong replacement cartridges and cartridge kits for Thermo Scientific Barnstead Water Purification Systems
FREE Captain Drop Stress Toy or Flask Pen with Purchase of Products below

LabStrong Cartridges and Cartridge Kits are comparable to Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ cartridges at a significant savings. Side-by-side testing shows fantastic results for purity and longevity. These LabStrong water purification Cartridges and Kits are used with the Thermo Scientific Barnstead water purification systems.

LabStrong Replacement Parts and Accessories are used with Thermo Scientific Barnstead Water Purification Systems. These include O-rings, Heating elements, Cleaning syringe, Final filter, UV lamps, Diaphragm pump, and more!

LabStrong Fi-Streem Water Purification Stills consistently produce ASTM Type II water. These stills will meet your lab water needs while remaining budget-friendly!

Astral Inoculation System

Buy any case of Astral™ Inoculation System Products (pictured left):
J166-11, J166-12, J166-13, J166-15 and Receive
                25 Non-Sterile Bacti Cell Spreaders (pictured right): J166-1, J166-3


Buy Two or more cases of Astral™ Inoculation System Products (pictured left):
J166-11, J166-12, J166-13, J166-15 and Receive
                25 Sterile Bacti Cell Spreaders (pictured right): J166-1, J166-3

15mL and 50mL Conical Centrifuge Tubes Serological Pipettes
eco friendly conical centrifuge tubes Environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable plastic rack reduces waste in the lab
Reduced contamination risk
  • New plastic rack minimizes risk of contamination and particles
  • Tubes are sterile with a 10-6 SAL

Thermo Scientific Nunc Serological Pipettes are accurate, disposable plastic pipettes, plugged and sterilized. The portfolio of serological pipettes features a full range of size and packaging options—offering the quality assurance and size variability you need to advance your research with complete confidence.


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