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Thermal Cyclers


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Benchmark Thermal Cycler, Model TC 9639

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CAT NO: T509-19, T509-8, T509-8E, T509-9...

Consumables for 96 Well Thermal Cyclers

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CAT NO: C221-86, C221-87, C221-88, C221-99...

Eppendorf® Mastercycler® pro, thermal cycler

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CAT NO: T513-11, T513-12, T513-13, T513-14...

Eppendorf® PCR Cooler

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CAT NO: R248-27, R248-28, R248-29

0.2mL & 0.5mL Thin-Wall Micro Reaction Tubes with Attached Caps
0.2mL Thin-Wall Micro Reaction Tubes

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CAT NO: C221-71, C221-72, C221-73, C221-74...

Prime Elite Thermal Cyclers, Techne

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CAT NO: T509-16, T509-16B, T509-16S, T509-17...

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