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64 and 96 Well “Reversible” Micro Tube Racks

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CAT NO: S797-1, S797-10, S797-11, S797-12...

Aluminum Microtube Racks

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CAT NO: T433-1, T433-2, T433-3, T433-4...

B.O.D. Bottle Racks, Wheaton

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CAT NO: B500-12, S788-1

Benchtop Microcentrifuge Tube Racks, polypropylene

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CAT NO: S801-41, S801-42, S801-43, S801-44...

Biostor<sup>TM</sup> Tube Racks
Centrifuge Tube Racks, 50mL

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CAT NO: S804-11, S804-12, S804-13

Consumables for 96 Well Thermal Cyclers

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CAT NO: C221-86, C221-87, C221-88, C221-99...

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