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Solvent Delivery Systems


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The MG High Purity Solvent Delivery System solves several major challenges related to solvents in laboratories— maintaining employee safety, assuring product purity, reducing packaging and disposal costs, maximizing storage space, and complying with government regulations.
How does it work?
With this system, solvents are delivered to the laboratory by MG Scientific in stainless steel containers that are picked up, refilled and returned to the lab, as often as necessary. The containers are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 4 liters to 1250 liters. The containers can be placed in individual labs or accessed by several labs through a system of stainless steel pipes that are configured and installed just like pipes for a lab’s high purity gas system. Because the system is completely contained, there is no risk of solvent contamination until it is actually dispensed in the lab. With pipes feeding into a fume hood, dispensing the solvent is safe and convenient.
System Installation
The first step of system installation is an on site survey by MG Scientific personnel to determine the types of solvents used along with the physical configuration of the laboratory and storage areas. MG determines the system requirements and recommends a specific system for the installation. A detailed diagram is developed showing solvent container location(s), piping and dispensing locations, along with the system cost. Once the plan and budget are approved, MG makes all arrangements for installation and supervises the entire process.

Why MG High Purity Solvent Delivery System?
Employee Safety - The system reduces employee exposure hazards and eliminates concern for glass container breakage.
Product Purity - The risk of solvent contamination is almost eliminated with a closed system. Shelf life is extended for at least two years without solvent degradation, even though the container is accessed for dispensing solvent.
Packaging Waste - There are no glass bottles, styrofoam or cardboard to dispose. Without bulky packaging, storage space is maximized.
Convenience - It’s not necessary to move heavy cases of solvent from storage room to lab. Just press a button.
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