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The process of keeping track of certificates of analysis, compliance and sterility can be overwhelming when you look at the potentially hundreds of tracked products that a modern regulated facility employs in their daily operation. MG Scientific’s certTRAKSM system can help you reduce this burden to a manageable size.
Generally tied in to our vendor managed inventory control system invenTRAKSM, certTRAKSM simplifies the collection of data needed and organizes it into one easy to use system.
We can incorporate the maintenance of control ID worksheets, batch numbering and release systems, custom labeling of internal control numbers and the incorporation of expiration date tracking and labeling on all tracked products.
The data is collected, organized and ready for audit next month or next year giving you peace of mind and valuable time to pursue other tasks.
Combine this security and peace of mind with a complete report of every product you used, when you used it, how much you paid for it, and you begin to see how valuable a tool certTRAK can be for your organization.
Inquire as to how certTRAK can make your life easier and remove the worry of compliance to document demands.

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