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Are you maintaining inventories of Hazardous Chemicals, including waste, below reportable quantities?
Are you properly tracking and reporting on hand quantities of Hazardous Chemicals?

Any facility which must prepare or have available material safety data sheets under OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard must comply with the following requirements:
You must report on all hazardous chemicals that you have 10,000 pounds or more of, now or at any time during the preceding year; and any of the Extremely Hazardous Substances in amounts over 500 pounds (or 55 gallons) or the Threshold Planning Quantity, whichever is less.  Part 370 specifies two types of chemicals: Hazardous Substances and Extremely Hazardous Substances. Extremely Hazardous Substances are those listed in Part 355, approximately 400 chemicals. Hazardous substances are those specified by OSHA in 29 CFR 1910.1200, which is the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS).
-Community Right to Know ACT Title II, Sections 311-312 Regulation 40 CRF Part 370

We Can Help.

MG Scientific has developed a comprehensive program called chemTRAKSM designed to assist you in:
- Proper Tracking and reporting of company inventories of hazardous chemicals, including waste, to maintain levels below reportable quantities.
- Removal of waste, coordinated with delivery of new chemicals, to maintain inventory below reportable quantities.
- Consultation with a trained Safety Officer from MG Scientific to review Regulations and Requirements for compliance.
- Custom reports which show on hand quantities, including waste, to assist you in reporting quantities when necessary.

Inquire today as to how chemTRAK can help you.

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