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Electrophoresis Gel Visualization, SmartBlue™

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CAT NO: E121-1, E121-2, E121-3, E121-3AC...

Electrophoresis, E2300 Power Supply
Electrophoresis, myGel InstaView System

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CAT NO: E121-20, E121-20E, E121-21, E121-21E...

Electrophoresis, myGel Mini Electrophoresis System

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CAT NO: E121-4, E121-4E, E121-5, E121-6...

Electrophoresis, SmartCheck™ DNA Ladders

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CAT NO: E121-14, E121-15, E121-16, E121-17...

Electrophoresis, SmartCheck™ Protein Markers

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CAT NO: E121-52, E121-53, E121-54, E121-55...

Electrophoresis, UV Transilluminator

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CAT NO: E121-10, E121-11, E121-12, E121-9...