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Bags - Biohazard


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Bags, Biohazard, Autoclavable with Marking Panel

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CAT NO: A566-131, A566-140, A566-142, A566-143...

Bags, Biohazard, Autoclavable with Sterilization Indicator

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CAT NO: A566-1, A566-15, A566-16, A566-17...

Bags, Biohazard, Autoclavable, Dual-tested

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CAT NO: A566-119, A566-120, A566-121, A566-122...

Bags, Biohazard, Autoclavable, Red

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CAT NO: A566-7, A566-8, A566-9

Bags, Biohazard, Autoclavable, Translucent

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CAT NO: A566-11, A566-12, A566-13, A566-22

Bags, Biohazard Bags, Bag Holders, Benchtop

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CAT NO: A566-31, A566-31-CS, A566-34, A566-35

Bags, Biohazard, Dual-tested

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CAT NO: A566-23, A566-24, A566-25, A566-26...

Bags, Biohazard, Standard-tested

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CAT NO: A566-100, A566-101, A566-105, A566-106...

Bags, CYTA, Dual-tested

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CAT NO: A566-27, A566-28, A566-29, A566-30