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Eppendorf® Easypet® 3 Pipetting Aid

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CAT NO: P392-35, P392-36, P392-37, P392-38...

Eppendorf® LoBind twin.tec® PCR plates

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CAT NO: T424-1, T424-2, T424-3, T424-4...

Heat Sealer S100 & S200, Eppendorf®

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CAT NO: T443-169, T443-170, T443-226, T443-227...

CryoCube Freezer, F570 Upright & FC660 Chest Freezers, Eppendorf
Pipettors, Repeater E3 and E3x, Eppendorf

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CAT NO: P393-76, P400-114, P400-115, P400-116...

Centrifuge Tube, 5mL Polypropylene, Amber and Colorless, Eppendorf