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Tissue Culture


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Bottle Top Filters, PES Filter, 150-1000mL, Sterile

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CAT NO: F193-81, F317-10, F317-11, F317-12...

Bottle Top Filters, Polypropylene, 500 and 1000mL, Non-sterile
Bottles, Roller Bottles, Polystyrene, Sterile

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CAT NO: T451-1, T451-2, T451-20, T451-21...

Bottles, Solution Bottles, Polystyrene, Sterile

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CAT NO: T451-10, T451-11, T451-12, T451-13

Cell Culture Flasks, Nunclon®

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CAT NO: T455-11, T455-13, T455-3, T455-7

Cell Culture Treated EasYFlasks™, Nunc™

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CAT NO: T455-51, T455-52, T455-53, T455-54...

Cell Culture, Dish, 2in1 Cell Culture Inserts, BrandTech®

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CAT NO: D236-1, D236-10, D236-11, D236-12...