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Molecular Biology


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Innoculating Loops, Loops and Needles, NUNC™

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CAT NO: J165-1, J165-2, J165-3, J165-4...

Microplate Replicators, Boekel

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CAT NO: T448-33, T448-34

Molecular Biology, Automated DNA Extraction, Nucleic Acid, IsoPure™
Molecular Biology, OmniTray, Single-well Plate, NUNC™

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CAT NO: T462-106, T462-41, T462-46, T462-50

PCR Technology, PCR Cooler, Eppendorf®

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CAT NO: R248-27, R248-28, R248-29

Plates, MicroWell™ Plate, Polypropylene, Nunc™

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CAT NO: T466-26, T466-30, T466-31, T466-32...

Plates, Multi-well, 96 MicroWell® Plate, NUNC™

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CAT NO: T462-111, T462-114, T462-20, T462-21...