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Dishes - Petri


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Dishes, MG Scientific Brand Petri Dishes

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CAT NO: D231-1, D231-10, D231-14

Dishes, Petri Dish Rack, acrylic frame, polycarbonate posts
Dishes, Petri, Sterile Petri Dish, NUNC™

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CAT NO: D225-1, D225-15, D225-3, D225-6...

Falcon® Disposable Petri Dishes, Sterile, Corning®

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CAT NO: D228-1, D228-2, D228-3, D228-8...

Petri Dish Handling Equipment, Boekel

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CAT NO: A562-11, D226-41, D226-42

Petri Dishes for Automation

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CAT NO: D224-11, D224-14, D224-15, D224-17...