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Eppendorf® PCR Cooler


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Eppendorf® PCR Cooler
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Eppendorf® PCR Cooler
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Eppendorf® PCR Cooler

An ideal alternative to an ice bath, the compact, easy to use PCR-Cooler provides a contamination-free way to prepare PCR reactions. The new Eppendorf PCR-Cooler ensures that samples remain at 0°C for over one hour, and when temperatures exceed 7°C, it changes color!

The PCR-Cooler is a low profile, benchtop device designed for cooling 0.2mL or 0.5mL tubes at temperatures between 0°C and 7°C for approximately two hours (at an ambient temperature of 22°C). The PCR-Cooler is similar in design to a color “thermometer” – changing form purple to pink or dark blue to light blue to indicate when the upper temperature limit of 7°C has been exceeded. Eppendorf PCR-Cooler ensures reliable temperature control of your samples. Before use, the PCR-Cooler is placed in a freezer (-20°C) for at least two hours, positioned so that the bottom side faces upwards. Following a waiting period of 10 minutes, the PCR-Cooler can be used on the lab bench without any risk of sample freezing.

  • Changes color when temperature exceeds 7°C for worry-free PCR sample preparation
  • Reliably keeps samples at 0°C for over one hour
  • Conveniently keeps up to 96 x 0.2mL PCR tubes at 0°C on the lab bench
  • Two color choices available for easy identification or rotation of coolers in the freezer.

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R248-27 022510509 Eppendorf PCR-Cooler 0.2mL Starter set (1 pink and 1 blue) In Stock 1 $141.00 EA
R248-28 022510525 Eppendorf PCR-Cooler 0.2mL, blue In Stock 1 $73.00 EA
R248-29 022510541 Eppendorf PCR-Cooler 0.2mL, Pink In Stock 1 $73.00 EA

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