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Bags, Sampling, Write-On Bag, Whirl Pak®


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Whirl-Pak Write On Sterilized Bags With built-in secure closure tabs
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Whirl-Pak Write On Sterilized Bags With built-in secure closure tabs
  • Whirl-Pak Write-On Bags
  • WhirlPak Write on Sampling Bags
  • Whirl-Pak Write On Sterilized Bags With built-in secure closure tabs
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Bags, Sampling, Write-On Bag, Whirl Pak®

Whirl-Pak® bags make possible the “universal sample system”– in other words, a single sample can be used for all tests required for quality control, product content, and legal compliance. Whirl-Pak® sampling bags are made from a blended virgin polyethylene. This blend gives the bags two important characteristics:
  • Exceptionally clear film, which makes it very easy to see through
  • An elastic quality resulting in superior strength
    Whirl-Pak® Bags may be used for taking samples of liquids, semi-solids, or solids. The film thickness on Whirl-Pak® bags varies from 2.25 mils to 4 mils depending on the size and style. Because of the blended polyethylene, a high mil thickness is not required to achieve optimum strength. Whirl-Pak® Bags are NOT autoclavable.

    Whirl-Pak® bags feature “PUNCTURE PROOF TABS.” This patented process means that the tape on the tab extends past the ends of the wire. The result is no sharp points which could puncture the bags, scratch a person’s hands, or puncture gloves. This important product feature is found only on Whirl-Pak® making it easier and safer to use than any other sampling bag!

    Whirl-Pak® bags are guaranteed sterile. The bags are sterilized with ethylene oxide gas by an independent, ISO certified sterilization company. This saves valuable preparation time and eliminates concern about sample integrity. Sterility Documentation is available for each box by individual lot number.

    Whirl-Pak® bags reduce storage space. Whirl-Pak® bags use only 10% or less space than other containers.

    Easy Identification– Regular pens or pencils or felt tip markers can be used on the special white write-on surface. The paper-like finish virtually eliminates ink smearing.

    Leakproof Closure– By whirling or tightly folding the tab over three times, the Whirl-Pak® bag becomes a leakproof container.

    Resins used in the extrusion of film for Whirl-Pak® Bags are FDA approved. Bags are manufactured in accordance with the requirements for manufacturers of single service containers for milk and milk products.

    Water Quality Determination of Wastewater, Recreational Waters, Surface and Irrigation Water supplies and Potable Water
    The collection of potable water is made easier with the Thio-Bag®. Where untreated water is to be tested, any of the standard Whirl-Pak® bags can be used.

    Carrying Racks are also available for Whirl-Pak® Bags.

Ordering Info

Cat No Vendor Part No CapacitySizeThickness Qty Price Qty UOM
B106-1 B01064 2oz3 x 5 inch2.25 mil In Stock 500 $126.80 PK
B106-2 B01062 4oz3 x 7-1/4 inch2.25 mil In Stock 500 $130.50 PK
B106-9 B01489 7oz3.75 x 7 inch3.0 mil In Stock 500 $163.32 PK
In Stock 5000 $1,633.20 CS
B106-3 B01065 18oz4-1/2 x 9 inch2.5 mil In Stock 500 $183.70 PK
B106-4 B01297 24oz6 x 9 inch3.0 mil In Stock 500 $241.14 PK
B110-3 B01196 24oz6 x 9 inch4.0 mil In Stock 500 $304.40 PK
B110-2 B01195 55oz7-1/2 x 12 inch4.0 mil In Stock 500 $424.86 PK
B106-6 B01445 92oz10 x 15 inch4.0 mil In Stock 250 $358.96 PK
B110-75 B01447 184oz15 x 20 inch4.0 mil In Stock 100 $273.18 PK
In Stock 200 $546.36 CS

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