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Weigh Boats, Square, Standard and Antistatic


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Disposable square weigh boats
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Disposable square weigh boats
  • Weigh Boats, Plastic
  • Antastic square weigh boats
  • Disposable square weigh boats
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Weigh Boats, Square, Standard and Antistatic

Use these containers for weighing both liquid and solid samples. Smooth surface and rounded corners allow smooth flow of powder material to provide accurate pour-outs with minimal sample loss. Boats are made of polystyrene and are flexible enough to facilitate pouring. Available in a variety of sizes, choice of color and standard or antistatic.

Our flexible polystyrene weighing boats feature smooth surfaces to provide accurate pour-outs with minimal sample loss.
  • Manufactured and packaged in a clean room.
  • Select white, black, or blue for best color contrast to ensure sample is completely removed.
  • Biologically inert and resistant to dilute and weak acids, aqueous solutions, alcohols, and bases temperature range -10 to 70°C (14 to 158°F)
  • Can be used with microwave moisture analyzers
  • Boats are shallow with a wide, flat bottom to resist tipping.
  • Rounded corners simplify transfer
  • Antistatic versions available
  • 3 colors and sizes
  • All are FDA/food-grade compliant
  • Disposable

Ordering Info

Cat No SizeColorType Qty Price Qty UOM
B163-1 Small (1-5/8 x 5/16 in )WhiteStandard In Stock 500 $34.00 PK
B163-2 Medium (3-1/16 x 1 in)WhiteStandard In Stock 500 $45.00 PK
B163-3 Large (5-1/2 x 7/8 in)WhiteStandard In Stock 500 $92.00 PK
B163-5 Small (1-5/8 x 5/16 in)BlueStandard In Stock 500 $34.50 PK
B163-23 Medium (3.3 x 1")BlueStandard In Stock 500 $45.50 pk
B163-24 Large (5.5 x 0.9")BlueStandard In Stock 500 $92.50 pk
B163-18 Small (1.8 x 0.3")WhiteAntistatic In Stock 500 $36.50 PK
B163-17 Medium (3.3 x 1")WhiteAntistatic In Stock 500 $47.00 PK
B163-19 Large (5.5 x 0.9")WhiteAntistatic In Stock 500 $95.00 PK
B163-27 Small (1.8 x 0.3")BlueAntistatic In Stock 500 $36.00 PK
B163-6 Medium (3-1/16 x 1 in)BlueAntistatic In Stock 500 $99.75 PK
B163-7 Large (5-1/2 x 7/8 in)BlueAntistatic In Stock 500 $197.00 PK

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