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Pipets, Serological, Individually Wrapped, Carton & Bag, Sterile


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Pipets, Serological, Individually Wrapped, Carton & Bag, Sterile

  • Large Volume 100mL Serological Pipet now available
  • Bi-directional graduations are printed in bold easy-to-read black ink
  • Color coded stripes and packaging enable quick volume identification
  • All pipets contain a premium material filter plug
  • All serological pipets are manufactured to the ASTM Standard Specification for Serological Pipets E-934
  • All serological pipets are supplied sterile (gamma irradiated)

Ordering Info

Cat No VolumePackagingGraduation IncrementColor Qty Price Qty UOM
P160-60 1mL4 Cartons, 200 Individually Wrapped/Dispenser Carton1/100mLYellow In Stock 800 $223.00 CS
P160-60A 1mL8 Bags, 100 Individually Wrapped/bag1/100mLYellow In Stock 800 $255.00 CS
P160-61 2mL4 Cartons, 150 Individually Wrapped/Dispenser Carton1/50mLGreen In Stock 600 $216.00 CS
P160-61A 2mL6 Bags, 100 Individually Wrapped/bag1/50mLGreen In Stock 600 $241.00 CS
P160-62 5mL2 Cartons, 100 Individually Wrapped/Dispenser Carton1/10mLBlue In Stock 200 $83.00 CS
P160-62A 5mL4 Bags, 50 Individually Wrapped/bag1/10mLBlue In Stock 200 $92.00 CS
P160-63 10mL2 Cartons, 100 Individually Wrapped/Dispenser Carton1/10mLOrange In Stock 200 $91.00 CS
P160-63A 10mL4 Bags, 50 Individually Wrapped/bag1/10mLOrange In Stock 200 $96.00 CS
P160-64 25mL4 Cartons, 50 Individually Wrapped/Dispenser Carton2/10mLRed In Stock 200 $164.00 CS
P160-64A 25mL4 Bags, 50 Individually Wrapped/bag2/10mLRed In Stock 200 $185.00 CS
P160-65 50mL2 Cartons, 45 Individually Wrapped/Dispenser Carton5/10mLPurple In Stock 90 $220.00 CS
P160-65A 50mL3 Bags, 30 Individually Wrapped/bag5/10mLPurple In Stock 90 $251.00 CS
P160-100A 100mL5 Bags, 10 Individually Wrapped/bag 1mLPink In Stock 50 $279.00 CS

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