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Pacific™ TII Water Purification System, Barnstead®


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d607-20 Pacific TII
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d607-20 Pacific TII
  • Barnstead Pacific TII Water Purification System
  • d607-20 Pacific TII
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  • alt view name

Pacific™ TII Water Purification System, Barnstead®

Thermo Scientific® Barnstead® Pacific™ TII converts tapwater into 15 - 10MΩ.cm high purity water. The Barnstead Pacific TII water purification system converts tap water into high purity water. The ultimate system for the automatic and economical production of Type 2 water, the Pacific TII system supports daily requirements from 20 to 200 liters.

Multiple options for Type 2 water
  • Five system options with permeate flows of 3, 7, 12, 20, or 40L/hr
  • Future system upgrades accommodate greater capacities to meet growing water demands
  • Space-saving design permits bench-top installation or wall mounting with integrated mounting bracket
Operational reliability
  • Microprocessor controlled for automatic operation with continuous monitoring of all critical parameters
  • Automatic return to “operating” mode ensures recirculation during standstill periods
  • Optional UV lamp prevents biological contamination
  • Resistivity/conductivity clearly displayed on large back-lit control panel that tilts for optimum viewing
  • Status of current operating mode clearly indicating “production”, “stand-by”, “cleaning” modes
  • Reservoir fill-level shown as %
  • System parameters are code-protected to prevent accidental changes to set points
  • Water is dispensed directly from storage tank
GLP-Compliant documentation
  • Optional printer connects to RS-232 port for data recording and traceability
  • Cell constant of 0.01cm-1 ensures precise conductivity measurements
  • Temperature compensation for the conductivity measurement has an accuracy of ±0.1°C (in conformity with USP 645)
Optional Hand Dispenser
  • Gain increased flexibility by adding a hand dispenser with 3 meter cord which connects to tank. Use only with a tank equipped with a pressure pump (D607-34, D607-35, D607-36). Ships with a 0.2 micron final filter. (Part #D626-92)
Operating pressure, min/max 2 to 6 bar
Conductivity 0.067 to 0.1µS/cm
Resistance at 25°C 15 to 10MWxcm
TOC <30ppb
Bacterial retention 99%
Silica removal >99%
Electrical requirements 90-240V/50Hz
Power consumption 0.08kW
Feedwater connector 3/4 inch NPT
Dimensions (D x W x H) 330 x 372 x 613mm
Weight 25kg
Temperature min./max. 2° - 35°C
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Ordering Info

Cat No Vendor Part No DescriptionFlow Rate at 10°C Qty Price Qty UOM
D607-20 50132123 Pacific TII 77L/hr. In Stock 1 $9,490.00 EA
D607-21 50132131 Pacific TII 7 with UV Light 254 nm7L/hr. In Stock 1 $10,977.00 EA
D607-22 50132124 Pacific TII 1212L/hr. In Stock 1 $10,661.00 EA
D607-23 50132132 Pacific TII 12 with UV Light 254 nm12L/hr. In Stock 1 $12,155.00 EA
D607-24 50132125 Pacific TII 2020L/hr. In Stock 1 $12,370.00 EA
D607-25 50131982 Pacific TII 20 with UV Light 254 nm20L/hr. In Stock 1 $13,865.00 EA


Cat No Vendor Part No Description Qty/UOM Price Qty UOM
D607-28 09.4011 High Purity Cartridge Pack In Stock 1 $594.29 EA
D607-29 09.4002 Replacement UV Lamp In Stock 1 $615.71 EA
D607-30 06.5452 Hardness Stabilizing Unit - 10" (for Pre-treatment # D607-38) In Stock 1 $285.71 EA
D607-32 06.5063 60L Bench-top Storage Tank with Level Display In Stock 1 Inquire EA
D607-33 06.5083 100L Bench-top Storage Tank with Level Display In Stock 1 Inquire EA
D607-37 50135142 Sterile Vent Filter for Storage Tank 30-100L In Stock 1 $395.00 EA
D607-38 09.4000 Pre-filtration Complete. (Recommended for bad raw water quality) In Stock 1 $1,310.00 EA
D607-39 06.5201 Combi-cartridge, 5µ + Activated Carbon- 10" (required for hard feed water) In Stock 1 $241.43 EA
D614-38 AY1137X1 Printer for Water Systems, 120V In Stock 1 $1,228.57 EA
D613-15 CMX25 Cleaning Syringe In Stock 1 $68.10 EA
D626-85 06.5001 Sterile Overflow for Storage Tank 30-100L In Stock 1 $227.00 EA
D626-86 06.5002 CO2 Adsorber + Vent Filter for Storage Tank 30-100L In Stock 1 $462.00 EA
D626-87 06.5015 Wall-mounting for Storage Tank, 30L In Stock 1 $417.00 EA
D626-88 06.5016 Wall-mounting for Storage Tank, 60L In Stock 1 $417.00 EA
D626-92 50138221 Remote Dispenser In Stock 1 $1,401.00 EA

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