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LabTower™ TII Water Purification System, Barnstead®


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d607-40 labtower TII
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d607-40 labtower TII
  • Barnstead LabTower TII Water Purification System
  • d607-40 labtower TII
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  • alt view name

LabTower™ TII Water Purification System, Barnstead®

Thermo Scientific® Barnstead® LabTower™ TII is a high-tech, complete system for supplying laboratories and medical use, featuring purification and tank within an integrated system.

The Barnstead LabTower TII converts tap water into high purity water and provides water storage for a complete Type 2 water solution.

Consistent water quality
  • Type 2 laboratory water meets ASTM Type II, CSLS-CLRW and ISO 3696 international standards
  • The LabTower is designed to continuously recirculate purified reservoir water to preserve water quality even during periods of inactivity
Compact mobile design
  • Two system options with permeate flows of 20 or 40L/hr
  • Stand-alone design with integrated 100 L reservoir takes up zero bench space.
  • Castors allow easy re-location
  • Systems can be upgraded later to accommodate growing water demands
Two Ways to dispense water
  • Dispense directly from the system via the dispensing valve for calibration solutions, reagent preparation, filling of containers, general rinsing purposes, etc.
  • Dispense from the reservoir to supply autoclaves, dishwashers, ultrapure water systems, etc.
Integrated 100L reservoir
  • Up to 100L of high purity water ready for dispensing when needed
  • High purity polypropylene reservoir is opaque to light
  • Conical bottom allows complete emptying for efficient cleaning and disinfection
  • Adjustable setting for reservoir volume can be programmed for times when demand is low, allowing you to only store water that you can use
Clear information on system display
  • The large four-line display is code-protected to prevent accidental changes in system settings
  • Illuminated and easily readable, the display provides information on resistivity or conductivity, operating mode status, such as "“roduction”, “stand-by” or sanitization, and volume of the reservoir in %
GLP-compliant documentation
  • LabTower TII has been developed to meet or exceed GLP requirements
  • Recorded and traceable data can be obtained by print-out via the RS-232 interface and accessory printer
  • Highly qualified and precise measurement of the conductivity is ensured by the cell constant of 0.01 cm-1 to an accuracy of ±0.1°C
  • 5µm prefilter and activated carbon in the combi-filter cartridge protects the RO membrane from free chlorine andparticles
  • Hardness stabilizing cartridge protects the reverse osmosis stage from hard water
Reverse osmosis and reservoir
  • Pretreated water is pressure-forced through the permeable reverse osmosis module removing 97- 99% of all inorganic ions, 99% of dissolved organic substances as well as microorganisms and particles
  • The built-in 100 L reservoir has a conical bottom outlet to optimize cleaning and sanitization
Ion exchange and UV
  • RO membrane removes up to 99% of impurities. All remaining ions are removed by the low TOC, high-purity
  • resins in the ion exchange cartridge.
  • Irradiation with UV light (TII units with UV option only) eliminates any bacteria or germs that are present
Optional Hand Dispenser
  • Gain increased flexibility by adding a hand dispenser with 3 meter cord (part# D626-92)
Flow rate, max. 1.5L/min.
Operating pressure min./max. 2 to 6 bar
Conductivity 0.1 to 1.0µS/cm
Resistance at 25°C 10 to 1MWxcm
Bacterial content (CFU/mL) with sterile filter <1
Electrical Requirements 230V/50 Hz
Power Consumption 0.12kW
Feedwater connector 3/4 inch NPT
Dimensions (D x W x H) 580 x 450 x 1500mm
Weight 66kg
Temperature min./max. 2° - 35°C
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Ordering Info

Cat No Vendor Part No DescriptionPermeate Performance at 15°CParticles > 0.2µM/mL Qty Price Qty UOM
D607-40 50132191 LabTower TII 20 with Integrated 100L Tank and 3L/min. Pressure Pump20L/hr.<1 In Stock 1 $14,005.00 EA
D607-42 50132196 LabTower TII 40 with Integrated 100L Tank and 3L/min. Pressure Pump40L/hr.<1 In Stock 1 $15,428.00 EA
D607-43 50132141 LabTower TII 40 with UV Light, 254nm, Integrated 100L Tank and 3L/min. Pressure Pump40L/hr.<1 In Stock 1 $19,264.00 EA
D607-45 50132393 LabTower TII 60 with Integrated 100L Tank and 3L/min. Pressure Pump60L/hr.<1 In Stock 1 Inquire EA


Cat No Vendor Part No Description Qty/UOM Price Qty UOM
D607-44 02.2850-LAB High Purity Cartridge Pack In Stock 1 $2,449.00 EA
D607-9 22.0046 RO Membrane (must order 2) In Stock 1 $571.00 EA
D607-10 22.0087 RO Membrane (must order 2) In Stock 1 $160.00 EA
D607-29 09.4002 Replacement UV Lamp for Systems with UV Lamps In Stock 1 $374.00 EA
D626-72 09.1003 Final Filter, 0.2µm In Stock 1 $268.00 EA
D607-37 50135142 Sterile Vent Filter for Storage Tank, 30-100L In Stock 1 $343.00 EA
D607-11 50132714 Sterile Overflow for Storage Tank, 30-100L In Stock 1 $199.00 EA
D613-15 CMX25 Cleaning Syringe In Stock 1 $59.30 EA
D607-39 06.5201 Combi Cartridge, 5µm + Activated Carbon - 10" (required for hard feed water) In Stock 1 $151.00 EA
D607-15 50134022 5 µm Filter with Activated Carbon with 10" Housing In Stock 1 $278.74 EA
D626-81 09.4003 1 µm Filter with 10" Housing In Stock 1 $225.26 EA
D614-38 AY1137X1 Printer for Water Systems, 120V In Stock 1 $759.00 EA
D626-92 50138221 Remote Dispenser In Stock 1 $1,222.00 EA
D607-30 06.5452 Hardness Stabilizing Unit - 10" (for pre treatment #D607-38 In Stock 1 $180.00 EA

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