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ISO Guide 34/17025 pH Buffers, Color, Inorganic Ventures


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Blue pH Buffer Standards
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Blue pH Buffer Standards
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  • Blue pH Buffer Standards
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ISO Guide 34/17025 pH Buffers, Color, Inorganic Ventures

ISO Guide 34
ISO Guide 34 "General Requirements for the Competence of Reference Materials Producers" certifies that we meet every requirement for the competence in the very specific field of Reference Material Production. Accreditation to ISO Guide 34 involves not only technical competence and good quality management practices, but adds verification of critical production management specific to reference material producers. We've been accredited to Guide 34 longer than any other inorganic standards manufacturer.

These pH Standards are all certified reference material set in a water matrix for stability. These standards are Traceable to NIST and manufactured in accordance with our stringent Quality Assurance guidelines. Each pH Standard has 5 convenient sizes (250mL, 500mL, 1L, 4L, 10L bottles) and 3 colors (red, yellow, blue).

These standards are available with Transpiration Control Technology (TCT), a new packaging system that drastically extends the shelf life of these standards. Transpiration Control Technology (TCT) puts you in control of the expiration date. Do not open the TCT bag until you are ready to use the product. TCT extends the shelf life of your custom standard by up to three years without compromising accuracy. The one-year expiration date doesn’t start until you open the bag.

SDS C of A

Ordering Info

Cat No Vendor Part No DescriptionSizeColor Qty Price Qty UOM
H306-1 PHRED-4-250ML pH 4 Red Standard250mLRed In Stock 1 $65.00 EA
H306-2 PHRED-4-5 pH 4 Red Standard500mLRed In Stock 1 $94.60 EA
H306-3 PHRED-4-1L pH 4 Red Standard1LRed In Stock 1 $127.10 EA
H306-4 PHRED-4-4L pH 4 Red Standard4LRed In Stock 1 $251.60 EA
H306-5 PHRED-4-10L pH 4 Red Standard10LRed In Stock 1 $421.90 EA
H306-6 PHYELLOW-7-250ML pH 7 Yellow Standard250mLYellow In Stock 1 $65.00 EA
H306-7 PHYELLOW-7-5 pH 7 Yellow Standard500mLYellow In Stock 1 $94.60 EA
H306-8 PHYELLOW-7-1L pH 7 Yellow Standard1LYellow In Stock 1 $127.10 EA
H306-9 PHYELLOW-7-4L pH 7 Yellow Standard4LYellow In Stock 1 $251.60 EA
H306-10 PHYELLOW-7-10L pH 7 Yellow Standard10LYellow In Stock 1 $421.90 EA
H306-11 PHBLUE-10-250ML pH 10 Blue Standard250mLBlue In Stock 1 $65.00 EA
H306-12 PHBLUE-10-5 pH 10 Blue Standard500mLBlue In Stock 1 $94.60 EA
H306-13 PHBLUE-10-1L pH 10 Blue Standard1LBlue In Stock 1 $127.10 EA
H306-14 PHBLUE-10-4L pH 10 Blue Standard4LBlue In Stock 1 $251.60 EA
H306-15 PHBLUE-10-10L pH 10 Blue Standard10LBlue In Stock 1 $421.90 EA

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