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Hydranal, Volumetric One Component Titration Reagents, Honeywell


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Volumetric One Component Hydranal
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Volumetric One Component Hydranal
  • Hydranal Titration Reagents
  • Volumetric One Component Hydranal
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Hydranal, Volumetric One Component Titration Reagents, Honeywell

Hydranal-Composite is the world‘s most frequently used pyridine-free Karl Fischer reagent. This one-component reagent has been proving its capabilities in volumetric titration for more than thirty five years in a large range of applications in the most diverse fields of research and industry. Ongoing development work has achieved significant improvements to this reagent.

Improved Composition
Hydranal-Composite contains all the reactants including iodine, sulfur dioxide, and the bases imidazole and 2-methylimidazole, dissolved in diethylene glycol monoethyl ether (DEGEE). Adding 2-methylimidazole in addition to imidazole improves the stability and eliminates the formation of crystals which can interfere with the titrator’s performance. The crystallization of the reagent was occasionally observed under the influence of airborne moisture and also after prolonged residence of the reagent in the Karl Fischer titrator‘s tube system. This effect is prevented by a new and improved formulation.

Enhancement of Titer Stability
When comparing the old and new formulation it becomes obvious that the new formulation is significantly more stable with a loss of concentration less than 5% per year vs. approx. 10% for the old formulation. Hydranal-Composite is additionally stabilized with DEGEE as a solvent. The results of the tests into titer decline are shown in the graph under the Specifications tab below.

C of A
Advantages of HYDRANAL One-Component Reagents
  • Unlimited water capacity
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • The greatest flexibility in working media selection
  • Suitable for methanol-reacting compounds, e.g. ketones and aldehydes
  • Long shelf life (three years)
Enhancement of Titer Stability

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M350-6 34806-6X1L One-component reagent, titer ~2mg/mL1 Liter In Stock 6 $626.06 CS
M350-8 34805-6X1L One-component reagent, titer ~5mg/mL1 Liter In Stock 6 $645.75 CS
M350-10 34816-6X1L One-component reagent for titration of ketones and aldehydes, titer ~5mg/mL1 Liter In Stock 6 $894.75 CS

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