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Hydranal, Volumetric One Component Titration Media, Honeywell


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Volumetric One Component Titration Media Hydranal
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Volumetric One Component Titration Media Hydranal
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Hydranal, Volumetric One Component Titration Media, Honeywell

HYDRANAL-Methanol Rapid
The speed, time taken, and accuracy of the Karl Fischer reaction is influenced by the medium used in the titration vessel. The Hydranal-Composite, one-component reagents, are already buffered to an optimum of pH by using imidazoles. Thus the performance of the titrating agent is optimized to ensure a rapid Karl Fischer titration, however, there is still room for improvement on the use of the solvent.

Methanol is the most commonly used medium in the titration vessel, however it is an unbuffered solvent. When using Hydranal-Methanol Rapid, you will see a clear improvement in speed and accuracy of the titration. This is due to the accelerators in the medium, which are unique to Hydranal-Methanol Rapid and enable an optimal Karl Fischer titration (see graph under Specifications tab below).

HYDRANAL-CompoSolver E
In case a less toxic solvent is preferred, Hydranal-CompoSolver E, an ethanol based medium, has a similar performance to Hydranal-Methanol Rapid.

HYDRANAL-Solver (premixed)
Many non-polar samples (e.g. oils, fats, organic components) appear with a poor solubility in methanol and require the addition of a solubilizer. To overcome these challenges, a series of specially designed media has been developed based on the most suitable solvent mix.

For compounds reacting with methanol, like ketones and aldehydes, three different media have been developed. Comparing the three media based on their toxicity and capacity to suppress side effects, we recommend the use of Hydranal-Medium K as the first choice.

C of A
Advantages of HYDRANAL Methanol Rapid
  • Much shorter titration time
  • Rapid end point
  • High accuracy of the analysis
Volumetric One Component Titration Media Hydranal

Ordering Info

Cat No Vendor Part No DescriptionSize Qty Price Qty UOM
M350-9 34741-6X1L-R HYDRANAL-Methanol Dry, Medium for general use1 Liter In Stock 6 $156.00 CS
M351-6 37817-6X1L-R HYDRANAL-Methanol Rapid, Medium containing accelerators1 Liter In Stock 6 $203.49 CS
M351-7 34698-6X1L-R HYDRANAL-Medium K, Less toxic working medium containing chloroform for ketones and aldehydes1Liter In Stock 6 $489.57 CS
M351-4 34817-4X1L HYDRANAL-Working Medium K, Working medium containing chloroform and 2-chloroethanol for ketones and aldehydes1 Liter In Stock 4 $347.07 CS

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