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Bags, Sampling, Gono-Pak System, Whirl Pak®


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Gono-Pak System Sampling bags
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Gono-Pak System Sampling bags
  • Gono-Pak System bag
  • Incubator Rack
  • Gono-Pak System Sampling bags
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Bags, Sampling, Gono-Pak System, Whirl Pak®

  • Economical
  • Airtight seal
  • Positive CO2 atmosphere
  • Uses standard size Petri dish
  • Large, easy-to-read surface
  • Patient easily identified
  • Minimum storage and incubator space
  • Economical and safe mailing

Developed by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta and the Alabama State Department of Public Health as a result of their search for an improved isolation system.

The Gono-Pak method consists of using smeared Thayer-Martin media in a standard 100mm Petri dish enclosed in a specially made Whirl-Pak® bag with a CO2 pill. The CO2 pill liberates the needed CO2 atmosphere for the proper growth of the Neisseria gonorrhoeae. This specially made bag may be used in two different ways. Where CO2 incubators are not available in the system, the smeared Petri dish is placed in the bag with a CO2 pill and then incubated. The CO2 remains in the bag sufficiently long to provide the maximum growth of the organisms if present.

Where CO2 incubators are available, Gono bags are ideal for the collector to use to transport smeared plates to the laboratory, or to send the plates by mail or UPS.

Incubator Rack
A double grid rack designed especially for Gono Bags. Six compartments, holds six bags per compartment. Rack measures 13-¾ x 9-¼ x 4-½”; compartments, 4-½ x 4-½”.


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Cat No Vendor Part No DescriptionCapacitySizeThickness Qty Price Qty UOM
B110-15 B01018 Gono Bag, Holds
100 x 15mm culture plate
13 oz5-1/4 x 7-1/2 inch3 mil In Stock 500 $178.68 CS
B105-9 B00992 Gono Bag, Holds
12 x 50mm culture plate
7 oz3-3/4 x 7 inch3 mil In Stock 500 $145.62 CS

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