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GenPure™ Pro Water Purification System, Barnstead®


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d614-43 GenPure Pro
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d614-43 GenPure Pro
  • Barnstead GenPure Pro Water Purification System
  • d614-43 GenPure Pro
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GenPure™ Pro Water Purification System, Barnstead®

The Thermo Scientific® Barnstead® GenPure™ Pro water purification system delivers ultrapure 18.2 megohm-cm water with consistent quality.

Suitable for the most demanding laboratory applications, this ultrapure water system will deliver water from a small footprint. The GenPure Pro system can be used on a laboratory bench or on a wall. The new flexible dispenser offers maximum freedom while dispensing ultrapure water up to 24 in. (60cm) away from the unit.

Dispensing for a variety of tasks
  • New flexible dispenser offers a radius of 24 inches (60cm) from the system for filling larger vessels or glassware washing
Leak Detection
  • Internal leaks can be detected and an error displayed
Integrated feed water monitoring
  • An additional measuring cell monitors feed water conductivity. Any exceeding of the limiting value is immediately displayed to maximize cartridge life.
Online TOC measurement with UV intensity monitoring
  • Real-time TOC monitoring for continual measurement of organic substances present in the water
  • Continuous monitoring of UV intensity removes the risk of false TOC values due to diminished UV intensityFault message alerts user when the UV lamp intensity is no longer sufficient for accurate TOC measurements
UV Photo-oxidation 185/254nm
  • High performance UV assembly reliably reduces the content of microorganisms and their metabolites
  • UV oxidation also reduces organic compounds in the water to ultra-low levels
  • Feed water pressure switch, wall bracket, UV lamp, ultrapure cartridge, sterile filter, all included in one part number
  • Leak detection standard and will alert user to leaks
Measurement of conductivity/resistivity
  • Conductivity cells are carefully calibrated prior to each measurement via built-in reference resistance with cell constants at 0.01 cm-1
  • Temperature measurements are made by a platinum chip sensor with ±0.1°C accuracy
Quick-connect cartridge replacement
  • Aquastop quick-connect capability enables cartridge replacement within seconds even mid-operation
Exact dosing
  • High precision POM draw-off valve for dispensing with sterile filter
  • Electronic dosing for fully automatic volume control of 0.01-65.0L with <2% accuracy
GLP-compliant documentation
  • Real-time clock and code-protected operating system prevents unauthorized changes to system settings
  • RS-232 interface with adjustable send interval for safe data transfer of all measured data, faults, date and time to a PC computer or log printer
  • Digital microprocessor control automatically monitors and stores faults from the last four weeks
  • USP-compliant conductivity measurement with temperature compensation can be switched on or off
Tilting Control Panels for Easy Viewing
  • Ergonomically designed controller tilts for ease-of-use and better visibility
  • Illuminated four-line alpha-numeric display

Compliance: All GenPure systems exceed international standards ASTM Type I, ISO 3696 Grade 1, ASTM D 1193 and CLSI.

Warranty- 1 year, parts and labor

Promotional pricing valid on purchases January 1 through June 30, 2022
Ask your MG representative for Promotional Pricing for D614-43/45/46/47

Flow rate, max. Up to 2L/min.
Operating pressure min./max. 0.1 to 6 bar
Conductivity 0.055µS/cm
Resistance at 25°C 18.2MΩxcm
Bacterial content (CFU/mL) <1
Particles >0.2µM/mL <1
Electrical Requirements 90-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 0.1kW
Feedwater connector 3/4 inch NPT
Dimensions (D x W x H) 472 x 330 x 615mm (18.6 x 13 x 24.2 inch)
Temperature min./max. 2° - 35°C
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Ordering Info

Cat No Vendor Part No DescriptionTOCEndotoxins (EU/mL) Qty Price Qty UOM
D614-43 50131952 GenPure Pro Ultrapure Water System with UV-Photo-Oxidation1 to 5 ppb<0.001 In Stock 1 $11,131.00 EA
D614-45 50131950 GenPure Pro Ultrapure Water System with UV-Photo-Oxidation and Ultrafiltration Membrane1 to 5 ppb-- In Stock 1 $11,576.00 EA
D614-46 50131948 GenPure Pro Ultrapure Water System with UV-Photo-Oxidation and TOC Monitor1 to 5 ppb-- In Stock 1 $11,788.00 EA
D614-47 50131922 GenPure Pro Ultrapure Water System with UV-Photo-Oxidation, Ultrafiltration Membrane and TOC Monitor1 to 5 ppb<0.001 In Stock 1 $12,378.00 EA


Cat No Vendor Part No Description Qty/UOM Price Qty UOM
D614-35 09.2005 Ultrapure Polisher Cartridge In Stock 1 $847.00 EA
D626-72 09.1003 Final Filter, 0.2 µm In Stock 1 $268.00 EA
D614-36 50133980 Ultra Filter, for GenPureTM UF Models In Stock 1 $1,151.00 EA
D614-37 09.2002 Replacement UV Lamp, for GenPure Models In Stock 1 $507.09 EA
D614-38 AY1137X1 Printer for Water Systems, 120V In Stock 1 $759.00 EA
D614-39 09.2201 Disinfection Cartridge In Stock 1 $635.00 EA
D613-15 CMX25 Cleaning Syringe In Stock 1 $59.30 EA
D614-40 06.5038 Feed Water Storage Tank, 30L In Stock 1 $1,136.00 EA
D614-50 50155494 Storage Reservoir, with level display and recirculation pump, 30L In Stock 1 $2,174.40 EA
D626-77 02.1500 DI1500 Pre-treatment Stainless Steel Cartridge, for RO Water Supply with Connections In Stock 1 $938.06 EA

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