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Incubators, CO2 Incubator, Galaxy® 48R, New Brunswick


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Incubators, CO2 Incubator, Galaxy® 48R, New Brunswick

Galaxy® 48R CO2 incubator is a mid-sized, stackable, 48-liter incubator that is designed to optimize performance in applications that require a higher level of isolation and in small labs! All New Brunswick incubators provide high quality and high satisfaction incubation with their unique design. The six-sided, direct heating system gently bathes cells in a seamless, fanless chamber. The Galaxy 48R series of incubators feature a large backlit display with on screen help menus, control & data logging of temperature, humidity, CO2, door openings, alarms, and optional O2 gas and humidity monitoring. Consistent temperature and CO2 stability create the perfect incubation conditions, while features such as the seamless chamber make them easy to clean and ensure a contamination-free environment.

R-Series Controller-
The R Series CO2 incubator's advanced display screen and controller allow for comprehensive and rapid analysis of real time and historical conditions:
  • 72-hour continuous data logging of temperature, alarms, door openings and CO2, O2 and RH if required, provides a detailed record of environmental conditions to quickly troubleshoot any unexpected results.
  • Capability to quickly change both environmental and alarm settings through intuitive controller.
  • Diagnostic interface to show system parameters and functions.
  • Password protection for secure programmable settings and alarm set points.
  • On-screen troubleshooting and help

Advanced Six-Sided Direct Heating System-
Pioneered in Galaxy incubators, the unique direct-heat profile provides a very gentle convection circulation of chamber atmosphere for exceptionally uniform temperature and incubator environment. Unlike traditional forced-air culture systems, our system guards against the wide fluctuations in temperature and CO2 that can stress cells.

Fanless Design-
Galaxy incubators have eliminated the need of conventional fans, replacing them with our unique heating profile, which sets up a gentle circulation of air. By removing the fan, Galaxy incubators have eliminated a classic source of repeated contamination, allowing the entire incubator—including upper shelf—to be utilized while maintaining uniformity. In addition, since there is no fan, there is no need for an expensive internal HEPA filter that needs to be replaced frequently.

Seamless Chamber-
On all models, the chamber is pressed from a single sheet of stainless steel, with no welds or seams, eliminating potential sources of contamination. Since the chamber remains closed, costly CO2 and N2 consumption is also reduced. Combined with easily removable, replaceable shelves chamber cleaning is a rapid and efficient process.

Perforated Shelves-
Come standard to provide optimal circulation of temperature and incubated environment

Sealed and Split Inner Doors-
Allow viewing access to cultures while maintaining sample integrity. Improves uniformity and reduces gas consumption

Viewing Window with insulated door eliminates need to open chamber.

O2 Control Option-
The O2 control options available on Galaxy 48R Model incubators: 1-19%. Ideal for customizing applications for stem cell, oncology, and IVF studies.

*Units- Built-to-Order

Galaxy® CO2 Incubators
  • Traditional and non-traditional cell culture applications
  • 48L capacity models
  • Direct-heating technology for uniform heating
  • Infrared (IR) CO2 Sensor optimizes CO2 control
  • Advanced R series features intuitive LCD controller and a full range of options including O2 control
  • High Temperature Disinfection (HTD)
  • Tightly sealed inner glass door and viewing window
  • Easy-to-clean incubator chamber
  • Removable perforated shelves and humidity pan
  • 3 year warranty
48R additional features & options:
  • Building Management System (BMS) Relay for integration into centralized building alarm system is standard on all models
  • Advanced control maintains temperature accuracy and uniformity while minimizing costly gas consumption
  • Programmable auto-zero port with hydrophobic filter ensures accurate CO2 calibration measurements; exceptional filtration rate of 99.999% prevents particles from entering the sensor or chamber
  • 25mm Access Port for adding instrumentation or probes
  • High quality door gasket maintains a leak-free seal
  • In-line filters (0.027μ) for gas supply inlets ensure sterility
  • Space-saving stackable
  Galaxy 48R incubator
Volume 1.7 ft3 (48L)
O2 control 1-19%, O2 control
Internal dimensions (W x D x H) 40.1 x 30.5 x 40.1cm (15.8 x 12 x 15.8 inch)
External dimensions (W x D x H) 48.3 x 47.5 x 64.5cm (19 x 18.7 x 25.4 inch)
Shelves 3 (6 optional)
Temperature control range Ambient +4 to 50°C
Display readout LCD- Temperature and CO2 level, 72-hour data/chart logger, alarm settings
Weight 31.8kg (70lb)
Stackable Yes, 2 high
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Ordering Info

Cat No Vendor Part No ModelDescriptionPower Qty Price Qty UOM
J107-3 CO48200005 Galaxy 48R incubator48 liter/1.7 ft3120V, 60Hz In Stock 1 $7,760.36 EA
J107-4 CO48210005 Galaxy 48R incubatorHigh-temp Disinfection, 48L/1.7 ft3120V, 60Hz In Stock 1 $8,345.36 EA
J107-5 CO48220005 Galaxy 48R incubator1-19% O2 control, 48L/1.7 ft3120V, 60Hz In Stock 1 $9,363.21 EA
J107-6 CO48230005 Galaxy 48R incubatorHigh-temp Disinfection, 1-19% O2 Control, 48L/1.7 ft3120V, 60Hz In Stock 1 $9,785.36 EA
J107-51 CO48232005 Galaxy 48R incubator*High-temp Disinfection, 48L/1.7 ft3, 2-split Inner Door, 1-19% O2 Control120V, 50/60Hz In Stock 1 $10,862.14 EA
J107-52 CO48210045 Galaxy 48R incubator*High-temp Disinfection, 48L/1.7 ft3, 0.1-19% O2 Control120V, 50/60Hz In Stock 1 $10,721.79 EA
J107-53 CO48210065 Galaxy 48R incubator*High-temp Disinfection, 48L/1.7 ft3, 0.1-19% O2 Control, Humidity Package120V, 50/60Hz In Stock 1 $12,664.29 EA
J107-54 CO48212045 Galaxy 48R incubator*High-temp Disinfection, 48L/1.7 ft3, 0.1-19% O2 Control, 2-Split Inner Door120V, 50/60Hz In Stock 1 $11,773.93 EA
J107-55 CO48232015 Galaxy 48R incubator*High-temp Disinfection, 48L/1.7 ft3, 1-19% O2 Control, 2-Split Inner Door, Humidity Package120V, 50/60Hz In Stock 1 $12,406.07 EA


Cat No Vendor Part No Description Qty/UOM Price Qty UOM
J107-35 P0628-5030 CO2 in-line pressure regulator In Stock 1 $220.54 EA
J107-36 P0628-5000 CO2 cylinder auto-changeover controller In Stock 1 $1,588.86 EA
J107-37 P0628-5060 Auto-zero HEPA filters (5) In Stock 1 $68.77 EA
J107-40 P0628-6150 Electronic CO2 gas analyzer In Stock 1 $2,914.49 EA
J107-41 P0628-6831 Electronic CO2 and O2 gas analyzer In Stock 1 $3,704.17 EA
J107-42 P0628-7881 Temperature probe, 5mm In Stock 1 $135.17 EA
J107-43 P0628-7880 Temperature probe, 100mm In Stock 1 $311.84 EA
J107-57 P0628-7890 Galaxy CO2, O2, and RH gas analyzer In Stock 1 $3,937.76 EA
J107-58 P0620-7012 Cable for connecting additional incubators In Stock 1 $278.64 EA
J107-59 P0628-5100 Multi-position shelf rack In Stock 1 $368.76 EA
J107-60 P0628-5080 Additional shelf, perforated In Stock 1 $216.99 EA
J107-61 P0628-5090 Lower stacking frame with casters In Stock 1 $860.83 EA
J107-62 P0628-6720 Upper stacking frame In Stock 1 $405.51 EA
J107-63 P0628-5091 Lower and upper stacking frame with casters In Stock 1 $1,208.24 EA

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