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Pure Ethanol, 200 proof


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Pure Ethanol 200 proof
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Pure Ethanol 200 proof
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Pure Ethanol, 200 proof

Ethanol has excellent solvent properties and is a very inexpensive option for many critical applications where pure alcohol is required. Ethanol is the solvent of choice for a wide variety of clinical, industrial and pharmaceutical applications which include:
  • Sterilization & Decontamination
  • Anti-Microbial Agent
  • Tissue Preservation
  • Organic Chemical Synthesis
  • Protein Purification
  • Excipient Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Production Line Cleaning
  • Paint, Ink & Dye Manufacturing
  • Cosmetic Manufacturing
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Fragrance Manufacturing
  • Flavor Extraction
Other common names include Ethyl Alcohol, Ethanol Anhydrous
Hazardous Materials Restricted SDS

Pure Alcohol (Ethanol) may be be purchased TAX FREE
To purchase Pure Alcohol (Ethanol) Tax Free, an Industrial Alcohol User Permit or US Government User Permit,  issued by the Alcohol & Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau, is required. A copy of this permit must be submitted to MG Scientific prior to the purchase of Tax Free Alcohol. All purchase orders must be signed, dated and include the following statement:
"Purchased under valid permit #XXXXXX (where X is the customer's permit number)"
*Please note: Shipments of pure alcohol may only be sent to the ‘ship to’ address identified on the User Permit.

Pure Alcohol (Ethanol) products may be purchased TAX PAID
The Federal Government requires that Pure Alcohol (Ethanol) purchased without a permit must be charged an Excise tax of $13.34 per proof gallon. This tax is invoiced separately by MG Scientific and is due upon receipt of invoice. MG Scientific pays this tax directly to the Federal Government, immediately following the sale. MG Scientific does not profit from this tax nor does it attach any extra fees to the collection of this tax or the Ethanol product.
Your first order to MG Scientific must be accompanied by a calculation of Excise tax due.  
*Please note: This is only a requirement for your first order.

Product Specifications Sheet
Ethyl Alcohol 200 Proof, Absolute

This product meets or exceeds all specifications as set forth in the current ACS/USP monographs.

200 proof

SDS Link

CAS#: 64175

Ordering Info

Cat No SizePackagingGradeProof GallonsExcise Tax Amount (will be charged separately) Qty Price Qty UOM
ALC201-1PTG 1 pintGlass PintsUSP/ACS6$81.00 In Stock 24 $453.00 CS
ALC201-1PTP 1 pintPoly BottleUSP/ACS6$81.00 In Stock 24 $439.00 CS
ALC201-1GLP 1 gallonHigh Density Poly BottleUSP/ACS8$108.00 In Stock 4 $460.00 CS
ALC201-1GLG 1 gallonGlass GallonsUSP/ACS8$108.00 In Stock 4 $543.00 CS
ALC201-4LAG 4 literAmber Glass BottleACS/USP8.5$108.00 In Stock 4 $556.00 CS
ALC201-4LAGPC 4 LiterPoly Coated Amber GlassUPS/ACS8$108.00 In Stock 4 $581.00 CS
ALC201-5GLP 5 gallonPoly with Rieke SpoutUSP/ACS10$135.00 In Stock 1 $517.00 EA
ALC201-5GLM 5 gallonMetal with Rieke SpoutUSP/ACS10$135.00 In Stock 1 $520.00 EA
ALC201-5GLCB 5 gallonCube with spigotUSP/ACS10$135.00 In Stock 1 $515.00 EA
ALC201-5GLSS 5 gallonShelf Sitter with spigotUSP/ACS10$135.00 In Stock 1 $518.00 EA
ALC201-55GLP 55 gallonPoly DrumUSP/ACS110$1485.00 In Stock 1 $1,265.00 EA
ALC201-55GLM 55 gallonLined Black Metal DrumUSP/ACS110$1485.00 In Stock 1 $1,297.00 EA
ALC204-1GLP 1 gallonFluorinated Poly BottleGeneral Use HPLC-reagent ACS Grade, Anhydrous8$108.00 In Stock 4 $488.00 CS
ALC204-4LAG 4 literAmber Glass BottleGeneral Use HPLC-reagent ACS Grade, Anhydrous8$108.00 In Stock 4 $556.00 CS

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