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Pipettors, Fixed Volume Pipettor, Research® plus, Eppendorf®


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Eppendorf Research® plus Fixed Volume Pipettor
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Eppendorf Research® plus Fixed Volume Pipettor
  • Eppendorf Research® plus Fixed Volume Pipettor
  • Eppendorf Research® plus Fixed Volume Pipettor
  • Eppendorf Research® plus Fixed Volume Pipettor
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Pipettors, Fixed Volume Pipettor, Research® plus, Eppendorf®

Eppendorf sets a new standard in pipetting. The ultra light Eppendorf Research® plus pipette meets the highest needs in precision and accuracy- combined with ultimate ergonomics and increased flexibility.

It is a good feeling to know you are doing the right thing- to know you are working with the most advanced pipette in the world. A spring loaded tip cone, a secondary calibration option, an improved volume display- and all that in an ultra light, fully autoclavable pipette: That is the new Eppendorf Research® plus pipette.

Ergonomics: Feel the difference in weight, pipetting forces and the spring loaded tip cone.

Flexibility: Your next experiment will need new pipetting schemes. Your new laboratory might have different sources of contamination. Your new pipette should offer all the flexibility you need. Calibrate your Research® plus to your needs, autoclave the entire pipette or only the lower part.

Robustness: Durability was tested thoroughly and has met the highest quality requirements. Resistance to chemical, thermal and mechanical stress is now unchallenged!

  • Volume adjustment: Only a few turns to reach your desired volume
  • Control Button: Very low operating force, color indicates pipette volume, positioned for perfect ergonomics
  • Ejector: Very low operating force, positioned for perfect ergonomics
  • Volume display: 4 digits, magnifying shape
  • Secondary adjustment display and opening. Adjust your pipette to a liquid very different than water.
  • Eppendorf PerfectPiston™: Ultra light piston made of Fortron®
  • Quick connection clip: Remove lower part easily (not in 10μL pipettes)
  • Spring loaded tip cone: Improved ergonomics, tight fit to the tip
Volume Range Inaccuracy Imprecision Item No
Grey operating button for 20uL pipette tips
10μL ±1.2% ≤ 0.6% P407-51
Light grey operating button for 20uL pipette tips
20μL ± 0.8% ≤ 0.3% P407-52
Yellow operating button for 200uL pipette tips
10μL ± 1.2% ≤ 0.6% P407-53
10μL ± 1.0% ≤ 0.3% P407-54
25μL ± 1.0% ≤ 0.3% P407-55
50μL ± 0.7% ≤ 0.3% P407-56
100μL ± 0.6% ≤ 0.2% P407-57
200μL ± 0.6% ≤ 0.2% P407-58
Blue operating button for 1000uL pipette tips
200μL ± 0.6% ≤ 0.2% P407-59
250μL ± 0.6% ≤ 0.2% P407-60
500μL ± 0.6% ≤ 0.2% P407-61
1000μL ± 0.6% ≤ 0.2% P407-62
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Ordering Info

Cat No ColorFor Pipette TipVolume Qty Price Qty UOM
P407-51 Grey20μL10μL In Stock 1 $351.00 EA
P407-52 Light Grey20μL20μL In Stock 1 $351.00 EA
P407-53 Yellow200μL10μL In Stock 1 $351.00 EA
P407-54 Yellow200μL20μL In Stock 1 $351.00 EA
P407-55 Yellow200μL25μL In Stock 1 $351.00 EA
P407-56 Yellow200μL50μL In Stock 1 $351.00 EA
P407-57 Yellow200μL100μL In Stock 1 $351.00 EA
P407-58 Yellow200μL200μL In Stock 1 $351.00 EA
P407-59 Blue1,000μL200μL In Stock 1 $351.00 EA
P407-60 Blue1,000μL250μL In Stock 1 $351.00 EA
P407-61 Blue1,000μL500μL In Stock 1 $351.00 EA
P407-62 Blue1,000μL1,000μL In Stock 1 $351.00 EA


Cat No Description Qty/UOM Price Qty UOM
P396-7 Wall Mount for Eppendorf Pipettors In Stock 1 $49.14 EA
P408-21 Research protection filter for tip cone, 10mL, turquoise In Stock 50 $78.43 PK
P396-21 Pipette Carousel 2 for 6 Eppendorf Pipettes In Stock 1 $221.71 EA

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