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Eppendorf® Mastercycler® pro, thermal cycler


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Eppendorf® Mastercycler® pro, thermal cycler

Reproducibility, specificity and speed – these are the requirements for PCR in any application. The Mastecycler pro is unparalleled in its ability to fulfill these requirements:

The vapo.protect™ technology reduces evaporation to a minimum. Therefore, concentrations in your PCR master mix remain consistent leading to stable and reproducible specificity. Non-specific binding is minimized beyond importance.

The extremely high heating and cooling rates of the Mastercycler pro S give you the speed you need. Unsurpassed speed can be achieved with Eppendorf’s Impulse PCR, a device driven hot-start function that increases heating rates to 8°C/s.

Flexibility at its best Today’s requirements for PCR in your lab are defined by today’s research project. Tomorrow, new questions arise and new experiments must provide answers. That is why only an open and flexible system fit into today’s lab.

Eppendorf’s Mastercycler pro offers ultimate flexibility:
  • choose from three block formats
  • operate the Mastercycler pro in three different configurations
  • use any plate, tube or strip you want

Fastest speeds, highest precision, easy usage and absolute reliability united in a flexible concept – that is the Mastercycler pro.

Advantages of Mastercycler pro
  • Ultimate reduction of evaporation
  • Extremely fast heating and cooling rates
  • Gradient blocks with SteadySlope technology
  • Intuitive graphic programming
  • Display to indicate cycler number in a network
  • Upgradable to real-time PCR
  • 2 year warranty
  • Optional self-test of peltier elements

vapo.protect™ technology

Keep the concentration
Evaporation in a PCR reaction vessel not only limits the ability to work with low reaction volumes but also makes it difficult to obtain reproducible results. For the Mastercycler pro it has been Eppendorf’s aim to protect the PCR reaction from evaporation. While common PCR instruments press a metal plate onto the PCR consumable, the vapo.protect™ lid covers the PCR consumable with a cushion that conforms to the shape of the consumable – no matter which consumable you use. The snug fit of the cushion in combination with the high pressure and excellent heating capabilities of the lid reduce evaporation to a minium.

Evaporation leads to increasing concentrations of the PCR master mix components, especially primers. This, in turn, leads to non-specific binding.

The changes in concentrations due to evaporation both during the experiment and between experiments can be a cause for great concern for any scientist who tries to keep variables to a minimum.

Stop evaporation effectively!
The flexible fit of the fluid cushion minimizes evaporation of your reaction considerably. Only 0–3% of the reaction volume evaporates using the new vapo.protect™ technology. Thermocyclers of other suppliers show evaporation of up to 10% on average and up to 50% at the corner positions of the block.

Thus, the vapo.protect™ technology leads to improved reproducibility and specificity specially at the rim and in the corners of the block.

You can always get what you want: Mastercycler pro, Mastercycler pro S, Mastercycler pro 384

Block formats:


Mastercycler pro S

Stand alone system

  • Highest temperature control speed due to silver block: up to 6°C/s
  • Impulse PCR with initial heating of 8°C/s
  • Versatile temperature gradient over 12 rows
  • Gradient range of up to 24°C
  • vapo.protect™ technology
  • Fits in every lab
  • Operated by Control Panel
  • Upgradeable to real-time PCR
  • Expandable to a Mini Satellite System or network


Mastercycler pro

Mini Satellite System

  • extra robust aluminium block
  • Versatile temperature gradient over 12 rows
  • Gradient range of up to 20°C
  • vapo.protect™ technology
  • Operated by Control Panel
  • Control up to 5 units with one Control Panel
  • Combine any block format
  • Expandable to a network


Mastercycler pro 384

Computer Network

  • high throughput
  • Versatile temperature gradient over 24 rows
  • Gradient range of up to 20°C
  • vapo.protect™ technology
  • Combine up to 30 units for ultimate throughput
  • Operated by a computer and the CycleManager pro software
  • Benefit from a client/server architecture and full software functionality
Bezeichnung Mastercycler® pro Mastercycler® pro S Mastercycler® pro 384
Thermoblock Aluminium Silver Aluminium
Sample capacity 96 x 0.2mL PCR tubes or 1 PCR plate 8 x 12 (unskirted, semi-skirted, skirted – according to SBS standard) 1 PCR plate 384
Temperature control range of the block 4–99°C 4–99°C 4–99°C
Temperature control mode Fast, Standard, Safe; both available in gradient operation mode
Heating technology of the block Peltier elements, Triple Circuit Technology
Gradient block Over 12 rows Over 12 rows Over 24 rows
Gradient range 1–20°C 1–24°C 1–20°C
Gradient temperature range 30–99°C 30–99°C 30–99°C
Lid temperature range 37–110°C 37–110°C 37–110°C
Lid descent and closing pressure vapo.protect™-Technologie, mit TSP
Block homogeneity: 20°C-72°C ≤ ±0,3°C ≤ ±0,3°C ≤ ±0,3°C
95°C ≤ ±0,4°C ≤ ±0,4°C ≤ ±0,4°C
Control accuracy ±0,2°C ±0,2°C
Heating rate* approx. 4°C/s approx. 6°C/s approx. 4°C/s
Cooling rate* approx. 3°C/s approx. 4,5°C/s approx. 3°C/s
Interfaces 1 x Centronics®, 1 x RS-232, Control panel, one each of CAN_in/CAN_out
Dimensions (W x D x H) 26 x 41,5 x 37cm 26 x 41,5 x 37cm 26 x 41,5 x 37cm
Weight 18,5kg (40.8lbs) 18,5kg (40.8lbs) 18,5kg (40.8lbs)
Power supply 115V or 230V, 50–60Hz 115V or 230V, 50–60Hz 115V or 230V, 50–60Hz
Power consumption 950W 950W 950W
* Heating and cooling rates measured at block
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Ordering Info

Cat No Vendor Part No Description Qty Price Qty UOM
T513-11 950040015 Mastercycler pro with SteadySlope® and Control Panel, 120V, 50–60Hz In Stock 1 $9,740.00 $6,890.00 EA
T513-12 950040025 Mastercycler pro S with SteadySlope and Control Panel, 120V, 50–60Hz In Stock 1 $10,600.00 $7,800.00 EA
T513-13 950040035 Mastercycler pro 384 with SteadySlope and Control Panel, 120V, 50–60Hz In Stock 1 $10,300.00 EA
T513-14 950030050 Control Panel, includes connection cable In Stock 1 $2,400.00 EA
T513-15 950030010 Mastercycler pro* with SteadySlope, 120V, 50–60Hz In Stock 1 $8,670.00 $5,980.00 EA
T513-16 950030020 Mastercycler pro S* with SteadySlope, 120V, 50–60Hz In Stock 1 $9,640.00 $6,890.00 EA
T513-17 950030030 Mastercycler pro 384* with SteadySlope, 120V, 50–60Hz In Stock 1 $9,270.00 $6,110.00 EA


Cat No Vendor Part No Description Qty/UOM Price Qty UOM
T513-18 950014008 CAN-Bus connection cable, 50cm In Stock 1 $45.00 EA
T513-19 950014016 CAN-Bus connection cable, 150cm In Stock 1 $55.00 EA
T513-20 960002008 MultiMediaCard, 16MB In Stock 1 $134.30 EA
T513-21 950030040 Self test dongle In Stock 1 $320.00 EA
T513-22 950008059 Temperature Validation System for Mastercycler and Mastercycler pro In Stock 1 $4,840.00 EA
T513-23 950017007 CycleManager pro, includes installation manual, online help, and connection cable In Stock 1 $2,460.00 EA

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