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Inslide OutTM, Boekel


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Inslide Out<sup>TM</sup>, Boekel
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Inslide Out<sup>TM</sup>, Boekel
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Inslide OutTM, Boekel

  • Microarray hybridization; in situ hybridization
  • Single temperature microscope slide incubation procedures
  • Immunohistochemistry procedures
  • Slide warming

  • Sealed champer with gasket allows hybridization without sealed cover slips
  • Humidity is maintained by adding a small amount of hybridization solution to the tray
  • PID temperature controller for rapid heat up and temperature stability
  • Reduce hybridization time; no need to wait for messy plastic containers and paper towels to come up to temperature
  • Polycarbonate slide holder allows up to 18 slides to be loaded at once; loaded slide holder is then placed in the chamber
  • Supplied with stainless steel rack for up to 20 - 1 x 3" slides; can also accomodate various other sizes
    Cat No J131-1, J131-2
    Model No 241000, 241000-2
    Dimensions, Overall (w x l x h) 45.7cm (18 in) x 45.1cm (17¾ in) x 15.2cm (6 in)
    Dimensions, Tray (w x l x h) 19.4cm (7½ in) x 29.5cm (11½ in) x 1.9cm (¾ in)
    Height Above Stainless Steel Rack: 9.5 mm (¼ in)
    Net Weight: 9.5 kg (21 lbs.)
    Shipping Weight: 10.9 kg (24 lbs.)
    Capacity: Stainless Steel Rack: 20 - 1 x 3" slides or various other sizes
    Plastic Slide Holder: 18 - 1 x 3" slides only
    Temperature Range: Ambient +10°C to 75°C
    Temperature Setting Range: 0°C to 75°C
    Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
    Temperature Setting/Display PID/LED
    Stability ± 0.2°C
    Accuracy ± 1°C at 65°C
    Heat Up Time: Ambient to 50°C Chamber: 20 minutes
    Tray: 25 minutes
    Maximum Relative Humidity 80%
    Electrical for J131-1 115 VAC; 50/60 Hz; 155 W
    Electrical for J131-2 230 VAC; 50/60 Hz; 155 W (CE)

    Ordering Info

    Cat No Vendor Part No DescriptionPower Qty Price Qty UOM
    J131-1 241000 Inslide Out115V, 50/60 Hz In Stock 1 $3,675.29 EA
    J131-2 241000-2 Inslide Out230V, 50/60 Hz In Stock 1 $3,859.07 EA


    Cat No Vendor Part No Description Qty/UOM Price Qty UOM
    J131-3 C2403765 Plastic Slide Holder for up to 18 - 1 x 3" slides In Stock 1 $462.72 EA

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