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Lab-Tek® Chambered Coverglass


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Lab-Tek® Chambered Coverglass
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Lab-Tek® Chambered Coverglass
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Lab-Tek® Chambered Coverglass

  • No. 1 German Borosilicate Coverglass
  • Sterilized
  • Chambered Coverglass media chamber is not removable

    Comparision of Lab-Tek® and Lab-Tek® II Chambered Coverglass System

    FeatureLab-Tek® Chambered CoverglassLab-Tek® II Chambered Coverglass
    Configurations1,2,4,8 well1,2,4,8 well
    Media Chamber MaterialProprietary cell culture grade polystyrene. Non-removableProprietary cell culture grade polystyrene. Non-removable
    Coverglass MaterialsBorosilicate glass – US origin – No. 1 thickness (0.13 – 0.17mm)Borosilicate glass – US origin – No. 1.5 thickness (0.16 – 0.19mm)
    CoverClear polystyrene, no handle facilitates stackingClear polystyrene with handle for aseptic manipulations
    SealantNon-toxic medical grade siliconeBiocompatible acrylic adhesive
    Growth SurfaceFor adherent cell cultureFor adherent cell culture – Good growth with fastidious cells, e.g., Neurons
    Biological testingBHK-21, HEp-2 cellsBHK-21, HEp-2 cells
    Leak testedyesyes
    Slide background fluorescenceGlass - No endogenous fluorescenceGlass – No endogenous fluorescence
    Writing SurfaceNoneNone
  • GSA
    Catalog No T460-22 T460-21 T460-23 T460-24
    Model No 155361 155380 155383 155411
    No of Wells 1 2 4 8
    Media Chamber Polystyrene Polystyrene Polystyrene Polystyrene
    Sug. Working Volume 2.5 - 4.5mL 1.2 - 2.0mL 0.5 - 0.9mL 0.2 - 0.4mL
    Culture Area, well 9.4cm2 4.2m2 1.8cm2 0.8cm2
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    Cat No Vendor Part No WellsInner Packaging Qty Price Qty UOM
    T460-22 155361 18/tray In Stock 96 $780.00 CS
    T460-21 155380 28/tray In Stock 96 $802.00 CS
    T460-23 155383 48/tray In Stock 96 $851.00 CS
    T460-24 155411 88/tray In Stock 96 $869.00 CS

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